The responsive after-sales programme

What does this mean, and how does it differ from other programmes?

After-sales is pre-sales. Serving customers optimally and profitably during every phase of the product life-cycle is one of the central challenges of the automobile industry. The solution: the Responsive Management System from Schinhammer.

Why do we call this system “Responsive”? It is because it can be adapted to suit the requirements of your customers precisely. It does not consist of finished tools and solutions, but of a number of different, variable, high-quality building blocks that enable tailor-made overall support.

The system is based on many years of professional and methodical competence supplemented by flexible IT infrastructures and resources. Due to the consistent orientation on a personal level, we are in a position to fully exploit the data material that is generated and to make it available in an optimally prepared state. All communication with the end-customer is personalised – with the aim of gathering and making available as much information about him as possible. In short: with the Responsive Management System, each and every customer is supported in exactly the way he chooses.