Can we offer you a little more?

Here you can learn what you can expect from us in a little more detail – with the emphasis on a “little”, because scrolling through a list of our entire service portfolio would take all day …

We offer various approaches that enable you, the manufacturer, to provide your automobile customers with optimal service throughout the life of the vehicle whilst cooperating efficiently and transparently with your partners. The use of tailor-made agency services, IT systems and daily business solutions, which are leaders in terms of efficiency and safety, forms the solid basis for the evaluation, management and continuous development of sales and after-sales activities all along the value chain. Depending on your needs, we are available to you as a classical consultancy, and IT service provider, an agency or a full-service partner, because the only thing that matters to us is the best result for you – not the categorisation of our offer.


In sales, we offer full-service and on-site support to your activities for and with the trade, for private, special and big customers, with incentive management and controlling. We support buy-back activity with car-hire companies and cooperation with car-leasing companies. We communicate with your company, promote it, and challenge it. We develop your sales management strategy continuously and support you during planning, preparation, implementation and follow-up.


We develop and realise segment-specific loyalty programmes to ensure that your customers remain loyal, including to service. In this way, our employees, auditors and lead auditors support your sales, service processes and complaints and goodwill management, including warranty and other revision – world-wide if necessary. We support service and recall campaigns, guide contracting workshops, and carry out CRM activities in terms of the sales of parts and accessories.

Channel- and Partner-Management

As the interface between all parties involved, we develop instruments and methods that strengthen you and your partners sustainably. We support you in contract management and the Block Exemption Regulation (“BER”) from the original concept to roll-out, assist you in attaining company-wide uniformity in terms of both standard and operative sales and service data, and create transparency with the assistance of KPI and benchmark systems. Our partner information and communication portals include your external organisations directly and deliver in terms of currentness, transparency and loyalty. We conceptualise and programme individual modules for each customer and assume the responsibility for hosting and ongoing administration.