Markus Schinhammer

The fact that Schinhammer & Partner is an owner-run establishment does not simply apply on paper (or in this case, on the Internet). If you are interested in our services, you will get to know Markus Schinhammer personally – a man who is already thinking in terms of solutions, while you are still speaking about your problems; someone who knows automobile sales and after-sales like the back of his hand; someone who can fully identify with your brand and the goals you have defined; someone who is only satisfied once the solutions that have been worked out have been successfully integrated into the overall process.

What does Markus Schinhammer have to offer? After completing his training in business administration, he worked in a tax advisor’s office. In 1996, he switched to business consulting: premium revision, warranty audits, sales of parts and accessories, sales in multi-tiered sales organisations, channel and trade companies, development of Business-TV, and dealer support. Finally: Management of three companies within the corporation with over 50 employees. 2001/2002: Spin-off company and the start of his self-employed career with the founding of Schinhammer & Partner. Further development of the range of services offered in terms of consulting, agency services and IT, Management of the corporation, which currently employs over 90 people in various segments.