After-sales is pre-sales

In the automobile industry, the sales process does not end with the purchase of a car – it begins with it: 90 percent of customer contact takes place after the sale, and it is only then that the majority of the profit is attained. Personal contacts only exist between customers and dealers or workshops. The manufacturers remain on the sidelines, neglecting the responsibility they have for their brand and their future.

As a result, potentials for increasing turnover, reducing costs and raising customer loyalty remain unexploited all the way along the value chain.

This is where we come into play: As the link between the manufacturer, wholesale and retail, we offer you a competence centre with which you can continuously implement the main aspects of customer acquisition, brand loyalty and partner management in a structured and holistic (and therefore successful) manner.

And now the ball is in your court. Click through our website and find out how we can help you to get ahead.